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‘Gravy has done lots of work for me including multiple websites, graphic design, copywriting and sourcing photography.


‘It’s fantastic to have someone who just gets what you want (even if you are not always sure yourself!) - advising on branding and then taking care of everything together. I recommend Dominic to everyone.’


Daniel Ives




Website package includes new domain, matching email, and full website design


Graphic Design package includes new logo, business card, email signature and letter template (invoice etc.)


Everything package includes website package, logo package, branding and copywriting

‘Party Wall regulations can be complicated but also hard to make exciting! Gravy took all the important legal information and created slick copywriting and a brilliant website that clients constantly tells me makes it all clear (exactly what I needed).


‘Dom also sourced great photography for the site – the layout, the information and the style all make us stand out. Great work!’


Malcolm Heaseman – Party Wall Man


We get to know you and then create a website that not only looks brilliant but fits you, your brand and your services exactly.


Multi-platform: Responsive designs to make sure you look good whatever the platform - desktop, tablet or phone


SEO: Backend development to ensure your website places prominently in search engines


Content: We create (if you don't have it) the copy, the photos and video, the logo and anything else you don't have yourself. This gives you continuity and one person asking you what you want. All of that comes together to create world-beating content that's relevant and captures attention

Hosting: We get you set up (again, if necessary) with a new website address and a simple hosting package you understand, keeping you in control

Support: We're there when you need us. We can keep things updated for you or train you or a team to do it. No waiting for web support from a stranger.

‘I knew we needed a website but we also had an existing blog we didn’t want to lose. Gravy were able to copy over all of our blog history onto a fantastic new site which completely got the right vibe for Bincho.’



David Miney – Bincho Yakitori


We all write, right?

Professional, well-written copy makes a big difference. You need to explain who you are and what you do. You also need to do it quickly, stylishly, and without using too... many... words. 


We get one paragraph before we potentially lose somebody, so website or menu, press release or email campaign, you need to nail it from the very start.


We decide together on the right voice for your business, and then we create copy that captures attention and keeps customers engaged.


Marketing is the every day promotion of your business; keeping you front of mind. You’re saying ‘Hi we’re here’ to new clients and ‘Hey we’re still here’ to existing ones.


This can be tricky. It’s easy to be repetitive. It’s also easy to be irregular when you’re busy running a business. We help you focus and create a realistic strategy, or we create and then run the strategy on your behalf.

Content is key. This is what gives marketing something to hold onto and social media something to shout about. We keep things interesting and relevant, building followers while keeping current fans informed, amused and excited.


Digital is BIG.


If customers are looking for you, it’s likely online. Much of what we do at Gravy is connected to Digital, and supports an overall Digital Strategy.

Do you look good? Where could you look better? Are your messages getting through? What are your audience numbers?


We do a full audit of your online presence and then come up with a plan. If you aren’t online yet, we get you set up, planning and arranging the management of your web, social platforms, database and email communications.


We can also chat about SEO, Ad Words, influencer and social marketing... We’ll demystify all of that, getting you set for a bold online future that gets you noticed and understood.


Getting attention by earning it rather than buying it is a satisfying thing. To do it, you need clever ideas that make your business a STORY.


We consult with you to create stories that not only get noticed but also hit just the right notes for the brand.


PR can stand alone, but it also works alongside a new or existing marketing and social media campaign. This could be a one-off event or a series of them to communicate a new message or visualise a rebrand or refresh.


We have loads of experience in creating events from pre-planning through to full operations and our connections in this part of the industry are significant.


  • Story Consultation/ Creation

  • Media/Press Relations, Press Releases

  • Promotional Events

Graphic Design

Everyone can see when a logo works, and they remember it too. It's a start point, sitting as an anchor for a brand and its website, printed materials and marketing campaigns. The best logos capture a brand completely as a perfect visual summary of the business.


It's a subtle art. Font, spacing, colour.... Often the best logos are simple – it depends not only on your business but also your opinion. It’s important you love it as your own.


We dive in and get to the heart of your business. What you do, why, who you want your audience to be. Then we create a storyboard of ideas, content, words and visuals that we think capture your business in a way that's both exciting and relevant to your core activity.


Graphic Design can be part of this process to create a logo that fits the agreed brand identity.


As a follow up service, we can create Brand Guidelines together for you and your team to ensure all activity sits alongside these core brand values and maintains a clear story for the business.


Words are great (see Copywriting), but images, moving or still, are hard to beat for their speed at getting across a message.


Video in particular can deliver your messages quickly and effectively and be the key that both brings a visitor to your website and encourages them to stay there and find out more.


Video and photos in social media and marketing campaigns are really important too. We advise you and the team on guidelines for creating your own content (using smart phones) and train and mentor staff on this as an important part of your overall strategy. 



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